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Sehr schöne Geldbörse !
Mikel on 07/01/2022 Purchased: Victorine Wallet Monogram Canvas M62360
Einfach Perfekt ! Super Verarbeitung !
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Top Ware !
Mikel on 07/01/2022 Purchased: Multi Pochette Accessoires m44840
Absolut Top, in jeglicher Hinsicht !!
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So pretty
Yvette on 13/12/2021 Purchased: Speedy Bandoulière 25 Damier Ebene N41368
This bag is wonderful, had great communication with the seller answered all my questions! It arrived within 2 weeks. It feels soft and not stiff the strap is very sturdy. My only complaint is the smell.. very strong chemical smell but it went away with a week or so. I love this bag! Wish I could insert a picture On how real it looks. Will buy another bag in the future. Thank you!
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not bad
Beautiful and well stitched and arrived in excellent condition but there is a difference in the brown color on the sides. the color in the picture and the original bag is lighter and closer to beige
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Very nice belt
I love this belt. It is very well made and arrived with dust bag, and gift box and ribbon which made it perfect for a gift! I am very happy with this purchase!
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Love it!!
Cynthia on 16/09/2021 Purchased: Sarah Wallet Monogram M60531
I’m so glad I decided to order from here, I was pretty skeptical at first. The wallet came with a purse I ordered as well. The packaging was great and it came sooner than I expected. The wallet came in the box and dust bag and included all the paperwork. It’s a great size and has plenty of space, I’m pretty ocd about my wallets. This is just as pictured. I will definitely be back!!
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Love it!
Cynthia on 16/09/2021 Purchased: Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas M41178
I was skeptical about ordering from this site but finally decided it was worth a shot. The package arrived just over a week after I ordered it, I was expecting to be waiting forever. The packaging was fantastic. The purse is beautiful and better than I expected. I had a real one years ago and this is so close!! I will definitely be ordering from this site again! It came with the dust bag and paperwork’s well.
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Pretty good
Elaine on 03/06/2021 Purchased: Croisette Bag Damier Azur Canvas N41581
Purse is made well. Looks pretty identical to real one. Only thing is tassel looks different than pictured. Thought it came with a card too.
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Super cute and affordable
This one arrived quickly and packaged nicely. It is a very close replica, however the hardware is not shiny as it should be, so it's pretty obvious it's not real. Still cute and great for everyday carry. Hoping for a higher quality replica at some point.
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It's a perfect little wallet!
Jen on 30/05/2021 Purchased: Victorine Wallet Monogram Canvas M62360
It came quickly and packaged nicely. I use it everyday and you can't tell it's not authentic unless you really really know LV. So many compliments!
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Great style, terrible smell.
Jen on 30/05/2021 Purchased: Neonoe Bag Monogram Canvas M44022
It took quite a while to actually start on it's way to me, but it arrived safe and sound and packaged OK. However, I was not able to use it for about a week because of the chemical or glue smell coming from it. I aired it out with a little fan in it for about a week and it lessened. As of now there is hardly a trace of the smell. It is such a cute bag!
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Morten on 05/05/2021 Purchased: Neonoe MM Bag M45577 Brown
My Beauty will love it - and she really wants it
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Amazing quality
Autumn on 31/03/2021 Purchased: Palm Springs Backpack Mini M41562
This bag is so worth it! It came in the time span that they said and the quality is amazing. It’s looks and feels real and the attention to detail is almost insane the only thing that we could find that wasn’t like the original is that the handle stitching has 6 stitches instead of 5 which isn’t even Noticeable. I was so worried when I purchased this I didn’t know what to expect but it far exceeded my expectations it’s a beautiful bag 100% worth the buy will buy again from this sight
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Alma BB Monogram Canvas M53152
Bridget on 27/03/2021 Purchased: Alma BB Monogram Canvas M53152
OMG! This bag is soooo beautiful, nobody would ever imagine it being a replica! Fast delivery & excellent customer service!!! Returning customer for sure!
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Beautiful little pochette
Heathyr on 26/03/2021 Purchased: Mini Pochette Monogram Canvas M58009
I bought this on a whim with no high expectations. I was so happy to see that the quality was very very high. I cannot tell the difference from the real pochette. I will be buying more bags for sure now that I've seen this one.
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Beautiful bag
Maria on 24/03/2021 Purchased: Odeon PM Monogram Canvas M56390
beautiful purse. it look awesome. you can smell the leather. very happy with my purchase
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Lea on 22/03/2021 Purchased: Queen Margaret GG mini bag 476079 Red
Beautiful purse! Fast shipping and great communication.
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Beautiful purse! My friends own the real one and this looks pretty identical.
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LSP on 04/01/2021 Purchased: Clemence Wallet Damier Azur Canvas N61264
At first I was worried about buying from this website, but my fears were quickly quelled. Good communication, fast shipping, great customer service. I bought this to match the LV Delightful MM (product no. N41607). Although the Clemence wallet quality is excellent, the canvas does not match because the wallet is a little yellower than a new LV Damier Azur wallet. It looks older or dirtier than a new wallet. I can let that slide because handling a wallet often does, indeed, yellow it. As of this writing, I've had the purse and wallet for two months--they are designed and constructed well. The wallet is durable, has a smooth zipper just like the authentic one, and even has the gold-printed authenticity number inside. Despite the discoloration, I would purchase from this company again.
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Great Quality, Looks Authentic
LSP on 04/01/2021 Purchased: Delightful MM Bag Damier Azur N41607
I was nervous about buying from this company at first. Their communication is open and they fulfilled my order quickly and accurately. The only issue I ran into was that I originally ordered the one with a red interior, but it was out of stock and they asked if they could send me the pink interior instead. I used to take photos of every aspect of every LV purse in stock at a consigner. I am very familiar with spotting fakes. This purse is exceedingly difficult to identify as a replica as it is identical to authentic LVs. I noticed different from an authentic is the Authenticity Number: it is printed on and it is not in the same place as an authentic one. As of this writing, I've had the purse two months and used it nearly daily. The purse is durable. I also ordered a Clemence wallet (product no. N61264) to match, but the wallet isn't as convincing. Its coated canvas is yellow instead of off-white. Still, I will be a repeat customer.
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Snejana on 05/11/2020 Purchased: Soho Hobo Bag Black 308982
I have ordered 5 bags and a belt and have loved them all! Gucci, Chanel and LV. Ordering a bag for my husband now. Very responsive company and great prices for the quality.
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High Quality equal to original
chayasi on 02/11/2020 Purchased: Petite Malle Souple Bag M45531
I’ve ordered with them recently and I’m very happy with the bag. Great quality and perfect match in terms of the looks. The only downside is the delivery due to covid but I can’t blame them for it honestly
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Romana on 25/10/2020 Purchased: Soho Hobo Bag Red 308982
The Gucci Soho black leather chain handbag is a 100% mirror image replica. I couldn't find any flaws! I owned the real deal, but it was stolen a few years ago, so I had been looking to replace it. Can't wait to order more!
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Robin on 19/10/2020 Purchased: 1955 Horsebit Medium Tote Bag 623694 Red
Fabulous company with excellent customer service. I originally was ordering two items, one of which I was on the fence with when sent quality control photos. They allowed me to change my order with no issues. I will definitely purchase from again
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Tierney on 12/09/2020 Purchased: Odeon MM Bag Monogram Canvas M45355
I ordered a LV bag and Gucci belts,it was absolutely amazing. Fit perfect, couldn’t tell if it was fake when standing side by side with other LV bags. This is my 4th time ordering something from here and each time I’m blown away.
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Atlanta, GA on 13/08/2020 Purchased: Leather Soho Camera Bag 308364 Black
This was my first purchase from them and I was super nervous about quality and shipment but both superseded my expectations. Quick shipping and the bag is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so in love! About to order something else now!
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suzanne on 12/07/2020 Purchased: Christian Dior Oblique Backpack 93107
The backpack itself is AWESOME. I have a genuine dior backpack which is the exact same model as this, I’ve bought a few other replicas from other sites, and I can say that shopping with pursemall is a totally different experience. This is the first time that a replica seller took the initiative to send me quality control photos of the bag I ordered for my approval before shipping it out.
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Branda Snyde on 03/07/2020 Purchased: Neverfull MM Monogram Jungle Leopard Zebra m44716
I placed my order less than a week ago and It arrived yesterday. I can only say good things, the quality is incredibly good and the people who work on their live chat support are excellent!
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karola jolly on 15/06/2020 Purchased: GG Marmont small shoulder bag 447632 Black
I just received my Gucci GG Marmont Mini bag it is very pretty, you can't tell it's a replica because the quality and craftsmanship is so excellent. I will definitely buy more bags in the future.
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jazmin on 08/06/2020 Purchased: Christian Dior Saddle Bag M0446 Blue
i bought a lovely dior Saddle bag that look and feel amazing. impressed with the eazy order and quick shhipping. I feel very good about ordering again
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